Recent Works

Armando Adrian-Lopez is an award-winning Mexican artist living and painting in Abiquiu, NM

Armando Adrian-Lopez has produced a large body of work, oil paintings, and 3D mixed media assemblages. They combine the representational with the symbolic to form images that are readily understood. His Imagery focuses on the magic present in everyday life. The visual meanings inherent in his work are multi-layered, narrative, and dream-like.

Armando is a nationally recognized artist and a Mexican native of Mexican lineage, drawing his visual imagery from his life experiences, from both his childhood & as an adult. The bold palette and soft edges create the dream-like visual environment of his paintings and mixed media assemblages inviting the viewer to feel and interpret deeper meanings. He focuses most of his attention on and Assemblage. Mr. Adrian-Lopez also uses his storytelling and theatrical skills to create performance art. He firmly believes in Art as Medicine for both artist and viewer.

Armando Adrian-Lopez’s work is in the collections of (MOLAA) in Long Beach, California, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and in many private collections worldwide. He lives and works at his studio. Please contact him directly with any questions about his artistic processes, prices, studio visits, or commissions. On this site, you can browse the archives of his magical realistic paintings and 3D mixed media assemblage sculpture as well as browsing works currently available for purchase.

May his work inspire you to delve deep into your psyche, emotions, consciousness, and the innate magic of life.