Art by Armando Adrian-Lopez

You can see influences of the Old Masters and the most recent Art Masters in the art by Armando Adrian-Lopez. It is present in his paintings and his 3-D mixed media. These works you see are available for purchase. Reach out to Armando for the purchase details.

In the Artist’s Words

I paint on a foundation laid down by the Old Masters.

My subject matter ranges from the angelic through the mundane and sometimes shamanistic. Much stems from my interpretation of the native Mexican view of the world and the New and Old Testament.

No one bequeathed or taught my dreams to me; the muse of my inspiration comes every night, and like Prometheus, each day I am disarmed arming my dreams.

Painting, I find that I can communicate my artistic visions and inner life in a detailed, colorful, and multi-leveled format.

Using layers of underpainting and glazing, I build up the paint so that the viewer is drawn into the depths of the canvas. I apply paint as under painting, then as many opaque layers on top of that. Many transparent glazes [are] added onto that. This is very time consuming and gives the paintings an inner glow, which, in my opinion, helps to communicate the inner world to the viewer."

Contact Armando for details on pricing and shipping.